5 Common Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

January 02, 2017

Roofs deteriorate over time. This happens because of exposure to intense heat, strong winds, and heavy rainfall. Repairs and replacement are common measures to make sure your home is protected from any weather condition. Unfortunately, poor workmanship and inexperienced contractors can lead to more damage.


To ensure a well-protected home, here are five mistakes you should avoid:

1. Improper flashing installation

Roofers install flashing around chimneys, vents, and valleys to prevent leaks. Improper installation can lead to water damage, so be sure that flashing is intact and repaired immediately to prevent more problems and keep your roofing in top shape.

2. Poor attic ventilation

When the attic contains too much heat, your roof’s temperature increases. This causes damage to shingles and increase in energy consumption. Have McKinnis Roofing inspect your attic and install polyutherane foam insulation. This way, you can maintain a constant attic temperature that leads to energy efficiency and longer shingle life span.

3. Mismatched shingles

Asphalt shingles come in many colors; it’s important that the whole set comes in the same shade. This can lead to a cohesive look and a boost in curb appeal. Make sure you buy shingles in a set and from one manufacturer only.

4. Improper installation

Faulty work can lead to a poorly performing roofing system. Replacing or repairing tile roofing is a complicated process, so make sure you work with experienced contractors.

5. Hiring inexperienced contractors

Choosing a contractor is an important step in the roofing process. Look for local contractors with proper licensing, insurance, warranties, and established reputation. Hiring trusted roofers such as McKinnis Roofing can ensure a long-lasting and durable roof for your home.