Don’t let leaks ruin your home.

February 21, 2017

Leaks shouldn’t be left for another time or when you get around to it, especially since much of the damage they cause can stay hidden for a long time. The moment a homeowner sees staining on the ceiling, it could already be too late, as the rainwater has likely seeped through other structures to reach the ceiling. Before the water damage gets even worse, homeowners should call McKinnis immediately upon noticing stains or leaks of any kind.

Stains aren’t the only things you should worry about when it comes to leaks. For instance, wooden beams that get soaked in water are prone to rot faster. Leaks also ruin insulation, which leads to an overall decrease in your home’s heating efficiency. Additionally, mold spores cling to areas moistened by the leaks, and eventually become toxic hazards if left un-attended.

Just some quick tips if you notice leaks in your home!