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How to Handle Storm Damage to your Property

June 17, 2022

When mother nature strikes – it’s the property owner’s responsibility to select a contractor to complete storm damage roof repairs or replacement. It is important to find a reputable contractor who has experience with the insurance claims process. They will make sure your home or business is repaired properly with the highest quality materials. Professional […]

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McKinnis Celebrates 41 Years!

May 03, 2022

McKinnis Celebrates 41 Years! – Congratulations to McKinnis Roofing and Sheet Metal on their 41st Anniversary. Since 1981, McKinnis has been providing superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in the roofing and sheet metal industry throughout Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. McKinnis Celebrates 41 Years! Here’s what else happened in 1981: McDonald’s introduced the McRib […]

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McKinnis Gives Back to Local Non-Profit

April 28, 2022

Have you ever been through a neighborhood and wondered what the little structures were in some yards that were full of books? We had the same question. So, when Duet asked if we wanted to be a community partner by helping build ten Little Libraries, we were immediately on board! Giving back to the community […]

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Best Choice for an Omaha Roofing Contractor

March 14, 2022

McKinnis Roofing & Sheet Metal prides itself on being a family for families. If there is anything the past couple of years has taught us, it is that family does come first. Recently celebrating our 40th anniversary, our families can attest to our 24/7 service, rain or shine, 365 days a year. We know that […]

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Benefits of Replacing Windows in the Summer

August 06, 2021

Considering finally replacing those outdated and drafty windows? Summertime is one of the most optimal seasons to accomplish this task before those dreaded winter months set in. Updated, high-quality windows can do wonders for both the look and feel of your home. As quirky Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec so eloquently put it, “windows […]

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Pressure Washing a Roof – What to Know

May 21, 2021

More and more advertisements are popping up that offer power washing services for roofing. At first thought, it makes sense. You can power wash your driveway, siding, car, etc., so what could be wrong with pressure washing a roof? First, we have to look at how power washing works. Pressure washers produce highly pressurized jets […]

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Getting a New Roof in 2021 – What to Know

April 28, 2021

The cost of a roof replacement is oftentimes the first thing homeowners think about when it comes time to get a new roof. In fact, as a locally-owned roofing company in Nebraska, we know how hard the decision can be for you. Major home improvement decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. That is why we insist […]

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Signs of A Bad Roof Installation

April 13, 2021

All roofs wear over time due to constant exposure to outdoor elements. This makes the installation process crucial in determining the longevity of your roof. Unfortunately, when it’s time for roof repairs, homeowners often find an improperly installed roof as the cause of their roof problems. By knowing how to identify signs of a bad […]

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Common Commercial Roof Problems

March 30, 2021

Roof problems can happen to any building, however, most of the issues are largely preventable through planning. Several factors will influence a roof’s service life. Some of these factors include design quality installation, products, maintenance, roof use, abuse, and weather. The types of commercial roof problems listed below are common occurrences. With the quality work […]

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Spring Roof Maintenance Checklist

March 14, 2021

With spring in full swing in Nebraska, it is important to ensure that you are maintaining your roof. This is especially true considering it is your first and most important line of defense against the elements. After the winter thaw has occurred, it is wise to take stock of your home’s exterior. You will want […]

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