Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips

December 07, 2018

Christmas tree fire safety tips

Does Christmas time bring up memories of hot chocolate, picking out that perfect tree, and soaking in the glittering sights and smells of that freshly decorated masterpiece? For many families a trip to the Christmas tree farm is an annual tradition and many homes are not complete without that real tree to complete their Christmas décor. But did you know that these trees need special care once they are brought into your home? If not properly cared for, these beautiful centerpieces can become dangerous fire hazards! Here are some tips to keep your tree well cared for and your Christmas flame-free.

  1. Look for the freshest! Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire- so look for those vibrant green needles that are sturdy and don’t shed easily.
  2. This may sound obvious, but keep your tree away from heat sources! This includes fireplaces, heat vents, lights, and candles. As much as it may be picture-perfect for the tree to sit right next to the fireplace- make sure it’s far enough away to not be a hazard, it doesn’t take much of a spark to start a blaze.
  3. Keep the tree base filled with water. The tree is a living plant! It needs water to live just like any other plant. If you don’t keep it filled with water it can cause a dry out, which can lead to a fire hazard.
  4. Test all of your Christmas lights for safety and ensure that none are damaged. If any are- throw them out! You don’t want any damaged lights or exposed wires sitting on the branches.
  5. When you leave the house- lights off! This goes for bedtime as well. Don’t forget to turn your Christmas tree lights off when it’s time for bed or when you leave the house.
  6. When the needles start dropping, it’s time to say goodbye. When your tree starts dropping all of its needles it is no longer fresh and is drying out. This is when it’s time to say goodbye until next year!

Real Christmas trees can be a beautiful addition to any home. The scents and sights can give any Christmas room a magical touch. Just be sure to proceed with caution to ensure your holidays stay hazard and flame free!