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Finding the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home

April 11, 2018
Finding the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home

Do you need some work done on your roof, siding, windows or gutters? When it comes to finding a qualified roofing contractor, the process may seem daunting. Insurance claims can be confusing. At McKinnis Inc, we take the stress out of the project. When it comes to finding the right contractor for the job, there are a few things that should and shouldn’t happen. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start the repairing process.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home

If your neighborhood has recently been in the path of severe weather and your home’s exterior is in need of repair, a qualified contractor will do a full inspection. This inspection should include your roof as well as the gutters, siding, windows, metal wraps, garage doors, and any other damaged areas. Also, be sure to check your policy coverage for detached garages, sheds, swings, etc. as these items may be covered as well. If the storm was widespread and caused a lot of damage, you are going to find that qualified contractors are going to be backed up with a waiting list of customers. Unless you are experiencing a leak, there is no immediate rush to have the repair work done. It is better to wait for an experienced, local and qualified contractor to perform the work.

Low Bid Roofing Contractors

Even if you are not experiencing leaks due to the damage, it can be tempting to not wait your turn with the qualified contractor and move on to someone else who says they can get you in immediately. Be wary of the low bid contractor. Many of them are operating without necessary insurance and will cut corners or use an inferior product in order to do the job cheaper. If they do not have the proper experience and qualifications, you can be vulnerable to a lot of unforeseen problems. As the homeowner, you can select any contractor you wish.  It is not mandatory to go with the contractor the insurance company recommends or to get several price quotes for the damages.

Once your professional contractor has worked with your insurance company and has come to an agreement about the cost of repairs, there should be no out of pocket expense to you other than your deductible, unless you choose to update your exterior with more modern and expensive materials for your home. The deductible amount will be paid to your contractor to repair the damages. The insurance company will only pay for repairs that are equal in worth to your existing roof, siding, etc. If you would like to upgrade to more expensive products, this cost will also be out of pocket.  The contractor should be willing to guide you through the remaining claims process including talking to your insurance company, handling necessary paperwork, and completing the repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Insurance Claims

There is more to the insurance claims process than you might realize. For instance, to protect your mortgage/insurance companies, your insurance company holds back a recoverable depreciation amount which is not paid out until the repair work is completed. They do this to verify that the work is actually being done. It is a bad idea to try and find a contractor to do all of the repairs with the initial check given to you by the insurance company.

The best thing to do is to hire an experienced contractor to work with your insurance company to make sure that you are getting the actual RCV (Replacement Cost Value) to restore the roof, siding, windows, or gutters back to their original state.  Also, note that there are two kinds of depreciation. Recoverable depreciation is paid when repairs are completed. Non-Recoverable Depreciation is the amount that you receive from insurance and is your full and final settlement, there are no additional supplements that can be made. The contractor that you choose will work with the insurance company to make sure they are abiding by your policy and giving you the best price.

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