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What Services Does Restoration Include?

May 02, 2017

McKinnis Restoration will be there when the unthinkable happens.

Your home is your sanctuary – which makes it all the more distressing when fire, flood or storms invade your life. Our trained experts can quickly evaluate issues and provide effective restoration services, bringing your home back to normal.

McKinnis has the equipment, the teams, and the experience to tackle any job and get it done right. We’ll even work with your insurance company to minimize hassles. We partner with Rainbow International for all water restoration services, smoke, and odor clean up, hard surface, carpet, and upholstery cleaning services. Rainbow International is fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.


Water Damage

  • Water Extraction – We make sure the problem area is entirely water-free to prevent further damage and mold.
  • Clean-up & Drying – Now that the water has been removed, we start the drying process immediately. McKinnis Restoration uses dehumidifiers and commercial drying fans to dry out the area as quickly as possible.
  • Drywall & Painting – McKinnis will work hard to restore the area that was damaged. We can handle any drywall and painting to complete the job to your satisfaction.
  • Complete Re-build – We have the tools and teams in place to completely re-build an area and restore it back to its original state.


Fire Restoration

  • Board-Up & Tarp Areas – For any areas to your home or business that are exposed to the outside elements, it’s important to get those areas boarded up so the property is secured.
  • Fire Damage Evaluation – An evaluation is done to determine the severity and extent of the damage. This way McKinnis Restoration can put a plan in place to fix the damage that has occurred from the fire.
  • Smoke Odor Removal – After a fire, your property will likely have a smoke odor that is hard to get rid of. We have the equipment and supplies to remove any stains or odors associated with a fire.
  • Full Clean-up & Repairs – McKinnis will clean all areas that were damaged by the fire, and re-build any areas that cannot be restored. The last step of the process could include minor or major repairs to drywall, painting, replacing the new carpet, and possibly reconstruction if the area is severely damaged.


Mold Remediation

  • Mold Assessment – McKinnis will do an inspection of your property to look for visible signs of mold and any potential areas that could be susceptible to developing mold.
  • Site Decontamination – Once you notice mold, it’s important to call McKinnis immediately because it can cause health issues and structural damage that can get worse over time. We will identify the source of the problem, fix the area with specialized tools and chemicals to completely extinguish and decontaminate the infected areas of your home or business.
  • Sanitation & Deodorizing – We use a variety of cleaning methods to clean and sanitize household items such as carpet, furniture, and curtains to return them to their original state.
  • Full Reconstruction – The last phase would be to repair any areas that were damaged, this might include drywall, painting, or installing new carpet. If the damage is severe, specific areas in your home or business might need full reconstruction depending on the damage.

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