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The Insurance Claims Process and What To Expect

May 26, 2020
Insurance Claims Process and What To Expect

Finding out that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired can be troubling for many homeowners. Dealing with insurance claims, talking to adjusters, and making sure you get reimbursed for all covered damages is a daunting process. Many homeowners are simply unsure about how to file a claim, where the process can be problematic, what types of documentation they need, or what to expect.

The Insurance Claims Process and What To Expect

Professional Roof Inspection

Have a professional roof inspection before calling your insurance provider. This is critical for a number of reasons. You may find that you do not have extensive enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. If your damages do not exceed your deductible, it is best to know this prior to filing a claim to avoid unnecessary premium increases on your policy. Should you find that you do need to file a claim, your inspection will provide a clear analysis of the state of your roof. Information, which will be imperative for advocating for yourself as you interface with your insurance company.

File Insurance Claim

If you determine that you do have enough damage to substantiate an insurance claim, this is time to reach out to your insurer.

Insurance Adjustments

At this time you will be assigned an insurance adjuster who will be charged with inspecting your roof and any other damage to your property. It is very beneficial to have your contractor present for this portion as it can help to expedite the process.

First Insurance Estimate & Check

Most carriers will issue damages in at least 2 payments. The first payment will be the actual cash value of the loss. This is done because carriers only pay replacement cost if a replacement has occurred.

Send Check to Mortgage Company

If you have a mortgage company, you will need to send your check to them to have it endorsed. This is very critical to ensure that your mortgage company does not hold up the process.

Complete Supplement Process

Work with your contractor’s supplement department to ensure all project specs are accounted for and accurate. This is critical to ensure that your roof repair or replacement is fully covered. McKinnis will discuss the damages with your insurer and make sure all damage has been addressed on your behalf.


At this point, your repairs can begin. Your roofing contractor will order materials and begin the construction process.

Second Insurance Estimate & Check

Once the supplement process is complete, you will receive your second and final check along with your final project scope. This is the depreciation amount that was being withheld until the work has been complete as the carrier only pays replacement if the replacement occurs.

Close Your Project & Warranty Paperwork

Once everything is complete, it’s time to close the job with your contractor and receive your final warranty paperwork.

Call Us Today

McKinnis has decades of experience working with Insurance companies. We work directly with your adjuster to pinpoint the damage to your home and come up with a plan to fix it. Our thorough and expert inspection will include your full roofing system as well as siding, gutters, windows, and personal property. If there is damage to any of these areas that you want to make sure they all get repaired at once and by a reputable company that you can trust to do the job right.

At McKinnis we understand that filing a homeowners’ claim can be an overwhelming process. To help make it easier your Project Manager will walk you through every step while making sure that you are well informed throughout. If you are in need of roofing, windows, siding or gutter work, please contact us today and set up an appointment.