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Commercial Wood Shingle/Shake



The warmth and beauty of natural cedar shakes and shingles go beyond enhancing the appearance of your business. Commercial cedar shake roofing systems reflect pride of ownership and, most importantly, an intelligent sense of value. Cedar is a perfect product for the ever-changing Nebraska / Iowa weather. Cedar shake roofing has a natural versatility that makes it ideal for any business.

However, business owners get more than beauty when they choose commercial cedar shingles or cedar shakes for their roof. Cedar also has the benefit of longevity, lasting up to forty years under good conditions. They are durable even in severe storms and wind, and the wood’s natural fibers can actually bounce back after a hail storm.

Do you want exceptional energy efficiency? Cedar is a natural insulator, preventing the transfer of heat and cold better than any other roofing material. In addition, shakes and shingles are recyclable and a renewable resource for less environmental impact.


commercial cedar shakes


The terms cedar shingles and cedar shakes are often used interchangeably. Cedar shingles generally have a smoother, more tailored appearance. Each shingle is sawn on both sides for a precise, tightly layered fit, which is great weatherproofing to have in Nebraska’s harsh winters.

Commercial cedar shake roofs have a more rustic appearance, a perfect look for any business. They’ll be sawn smooth underneath but have a rough, textured side facing up. Since shakes don’t have as tight a fit, they require weatherproofing and insulating between layers.


Compared to asphalt, cedar shake shingles are more expensive. They also cost more to install. However, commercial cedar shake roofing systems have a higher return on investment with quality and longevity if you’re willing to put in the maintenance.


If you are looking to enhance your business’s appearance with commercial cedar shake roofing, give McKinnis Roofing & Sheet Metal a call or fill out our contact form today. We would love to help give you the natural-looking roof you will be proud of for years to come!

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