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Financial & Assistance Programs
DHHS – Department of Health and Human Services – http://dhhs.ne.gov/Pages/default.aspx
OPPD Assistance Programs – https://www.oppd.com/residential/payment/assistance-programs/
211.org Resources – http://www.211.org/services/covid19#Resources
Have you been financially impacted by the virus? Click this link to file for unemployment insurance. https://dol.nebraska.gov/PressRelease/Details/141
Nebraska Emergency Unemployment Insurance – https://www.koleyjessen.com/newsroom-publications-Emergency_Unemployment_Insurance_COVID-19

Virus Details and How to Protect Yourself and Your family:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – https://www.cdc.gov/
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Video Library – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiMg06DjcUk5FRiM3g5sqoQ

U.S. Government Links and Resources / Updates from the Nebraska Governor
From the White-house (Resources, Updates, and What You Should Know) – https://www.whitehouse.gov/
Want information on what our government is doing? https://appropriations.house.gov/
Curious of updates impacting Nebraska? https://governor.nebraska.gov/

COVID-19 Letter to Customers