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Benefits of Replacing Windows in the Summer

August 06, 2021
replacing windows

Considering finally replacing those outdated and drafty windows? Summertime is one of the most optimal seasons to accomplish this task before those dreaded winter months set in. Updated, high-quality windows can do wonders for both the look and feel of your home. As quirky Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec so eloquently put it, “windows are the eyes of the house”. He may have been on to something. From decreasing your energy costs and consumption to increasing your property value, installing new windows has a multitude of benefits. So let’s examine why summer is the quintessential time to upgrade.

Benefits of Replacing Windows in the Summer

Uninterrupted and trouble-free installation

One of the primary reasons to start this project during the summer months is that it’s the most ideal time for your installers. With the ample light and warm temperatures that come with the summer season, they won’t be suffering out in the frigid air. And neither will you while you patiently wait inside (considering you may experience some waiting periods with a glassless window frame). There’s no need to worry about freezing, gusting winds bursting in during the process when it’s a perfect 85 outside.

Warmer weather also helps caulk adhere better. Materials expand in warmer temps and contract in colder ones, meaning you’ll be avoiding any splitting or cracking caulk when you install windows in the summer. Warmer temperatures ultimately make the caulking process run both smoothly and quickly. The longer summer days also mean more time dedicated to finishing the project. On top of that, with no snowy or icy conditions, there will be no need to postpone any work. Ultimately, summer can create an easy, seamless, and uninterrupted installation process.

Energy efficiency

Has your energy bill been a little higher than normal lately? Unfortunately, this may be linked to old, inefficient windows. Outdated single-paned windows are more prone to leakage, so it may be time to think about replacing your windows once and for all. Newer windows nowadays have double and even triple-pane glass. These energy-efficient windows will keep the cool air from leaking outside in the summer, and keep the warm air in and cold air outside in the winter (where it belongs!). Summer is the ideal time considering it’s when we use our AC’s the most.

Preparation for winter

As mentioned earlier, summer is the best time to get this project over and done with so you can rest easy once the colder temps finally set in. If you’re experiencing leakage and higher electricity bills, replacing your windows now will set you up for a cozier and cheaper winter season this year and for many years to come.

Improves curb appeal and property value

With windows being one of the most important factors in any home inspection, it’s obvious that they hold the potential to create superior curb appeal. High-quality windows make your home both functional and more appealing, which inherently increases its value. New window replacements can even give you up to 85% of return on investment, according to If you’re looking to sell in the near future, prospective buyers will be thrilled to know they’ll be reaping the benefits of energy-efficient, double pane/triple pane windows.

Noise cancellation

Summertime is typically when families, kids, and dogs come out to play. Do you happen to live in a really noisy or heavily trafficked area that just doesn’t let up no matter what time of the day or night it is? These noises can easily enter through old windows when the joints become weak and develop cracks. Maybe you’re simply desiring more peace and quiet for yourself or maybe you’ve just brought home a newborn baby from the hospital. Installing windows (such as double-glazed windows) will help block those outside sounds from disturbing your sanctuary. The double glazed window has improved insulation to give you a quieter home life if that’s what you’re seeking.

Replacing windows in the summer season

If you’re in the market for some brand new and up-to-date windows, summer is the prime time to get it done. The warm and long days make for the perfect time for installers to get in and get out. The modern double and triple pane windows will ensure you won’t experience unnecessary leakage. Not only will this grant you a comfortable house no matter the season, but it will also keep crazy electricity bills at bay. Adding new windows will increase your home’s value and keep your home noiseless and serene. With summer winding down here soon, consider making that appointment before the first frost hits.

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