Hanging Christmas Lights Without Damage

December 04, 2018


Everyone loves the allure of Christmas lights. From the twinkling white to the multi colored, there are many options these days for putting up a festive holiday display, especially on one’s house.

However, before the display comes the preparations and there are some precautions you should take to ensure those twinkling beauties don’t damage your roof come spring- leaving you with costly repairs.

First and foremost, use proper safety precautions when climbing ladders and walking on rooftops. We don’t recommend walking around on your roof due to safety concerns- if you have high peaks or hard to reach areas that you want decorated, leave that to a professional. Not only can you end up with a broken leg (or worse!) but you can damage shingles by too much walking and moving, which could turn into costly repairs.

When climbing ladders remember, gutters are not as strong as you think they are! Do not lean your ladder on your gutters. It isn’t safe for you or the gutters, and if the gutter were to break- you’re going down with it!

As for the install itself- USE LIGHT CLIPS! As tempting as it may be, do not hang lights with screws, nails or a staple gun. This is not only a hazard but attaching lights this way to your shingles can cause leaks- something you definitely do not want to deal with. There are many types of light clips available for use on gutters or brick and can hold many different kinds and styles of lights. An easy way is to attach the clips to the lights on the ground before climbing the ladder.

When it’s time to remove the lights, take your time. Don’t pull on the lights to remove them from the clips. This can damage the shingles or gutters where you’ve attached them (not to mention the lights themselves)- and you don’t want any unwanted roofing bills come spring!

Hanging lights can be a fun Christmas tradition every year, just make sure to use safety precautions to ensure yourself and your roof, stay safe while you enjoy your festive displays!