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Meet The Equipter – Drivable Debris Container

February 27, 2017
Meet The Equipter - Drivable Debris Container

McKinnis has an Equipter that provides a unique option for debris management in the roofing industry. It is a compact, self-propelled dump trailer created to improve efficiency and lower labor costs. The Equipter can be towed, driven, raised, and dumped. You are able to eliminate pain-staking aspects of debris removal by utilizing its unique features.

Meet The Equipter – Drivable Debris Container

Customers love when McKinnis uses this machine because they understand that it allows contractors to get the job done more quickly while lessening the risk of damage to their property. Below are a few additional benefits that it provides:

  • Driveable – Driving the Equipter is easy! It is self-propelled with a gasoline-powered hydraulic system. In addition, it has large tires with strong traction and an exceptional turning radius to reach difficult spots.


  • No Marks – The Equipter has evenly distributed weight so it won’t leave marks on customers’ lawns.


  • Towable – Towing the Equipter is simple & efficient. It hooks up to your truck just like any ordinary trailer allowing you to easily haul the equipment to your job-site along with any materials you may need.


  • Raisable – The Equipter has a 12’ lift to help improve efficiency on work-sites. Having the container closer to the roof level allows you to remove debris quickly without it falling onto your customers’ property below.


  • Dumpable – The Equipter makes the final step of the debris removal process easier as well. After you’ve filled the container, simply drive it to where you want to unload the debris. Then you will use the hydraulic tailgate to dump debris into a larger truck or trailer to be hauled away.


  • Rollback – The 4′ rollback extension feature raises the container up & over flowers and landscaping, thus protecting the assets of the home/business.


  • Container – The container was designed and built to be lightweight and durable. The aluminum container is rustproof, will withstand the rigors of job-sites, and is lightweight to transport to and from job-sites.


  • Catchment – The container has a 10.5′ wide catch area that allows you to work more efficiently without always having to re-adjust the equipment. This ensures debris will be caught in the container and not on the customers’ lawn.


  • Stabilizers – The Equipter has four independently operated stabilizers so that you can safely operate the equipment on uneven ground.


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