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What Is A Standing-Seam Metal Roof?

January 05, 2017
What Is A Standing-Seam Metal Roof?

Lately, a number of people have been requesting estimates for metal roofs. This type of roofing system is becoming increasingly popular because of the unique look and many benefits. Just a few years ago, metal roofs were seen mainly on commercial buildings. Now they are a common choice among homeowners because the initial higher cost of metal roofing will likely pay off over time.


Standing-seam metal roofing is installed by running continuous metal panels down the length of the roof. These panels are usually made of Galvalume-coated steel but can also be made of aluminum, copper and various other metals. Each 12 to 19-inch wide panel overlaps the other, concealing the seam fasteners with a “standing seam” running continuously from the top of the roof to the edge. This seam can vary in height but is typically 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches. The panels are held in place with clips that are concealed under the panel, thus allowing the panel to float or move back and forth. Panels can either be formed on-site by taking a roll of metal and running it through a mobile panel machine to form specific length panels or can pre-formed in factories.


Steel roofs are very durable and much more impact resistant than shingles as long as you have an appropriate gauge of steel. Be aware of some companies suggesting a thinner gauge of steel. It’s much more flimsy, less durable and creates more oil canning in the panel. A metal roof installed correctly will often last for more than 50 years.

On top of this, metal roofs are fire retardant, recyclable and require very little maintenance. The money will also be saved on your energy bills because metal panels painted with lighter colors reflect much more heat than asphalt shingles. These roofs also add a bright, impressive look to your home boosting the property value.

Because the installation process and materials are often two to three times higher than typical asphalt shingles, it is important to calculate whether the higher initial cost will be a better investment for you over time as opposed to other types of roofing.


Installing a standing seam metal roof can be an elaborate process requiring craftsmanship, time and attention to detail. There are very few roofing contractors who are able to install this roofing system correctly. Be aware of some companies suggesting a thinner gauge of steel. It’s much more flimsy, less durable and creates more oil canning in the panel, causing you problems down the road.

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