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4 Signs Your Roof Was Poorly Installed

January 09, 2017
4 Signs Your Roof Was Poorly Installed

Your roof protects your home from various weather conditions on a daily basis. Constant exposure to the elements will eventually take its toll on your roof. Damage like missing shingles, roof leaks, excess granule loss, damaged gutters, and other roof issues become evident over time. These types of damage oftentimes indicate that your roof is starting to fail. However, the weather may only be one factor why your roof is starting to give out. One issue that can make these problems worse is a faulty roof installation. If you suspect that your roof was poorly installed, here are a few signs to help you know for sure:

4 Signs Your Roof Was Poorly Installed

Incorrect shingle placement

If individual shingles or rows of shingles are not placed properly, then water can enter through the spaces and cause leaks or other roof problems.

Misuse of nails

Nails keep the shingles in place. If nails are placed in the wrong area or too few are used, then they can’t hold down the shingles. Shingles can then be blown off by the wind or fall off the roof.

Improper gutter installation

Your gutters are supposed to redirect water away from the roof and foundation of your home. Without proper installation, water may be redirected elsewhere where it can cause damage.

Improper application of flashing

Flashing — sheet metal placed on the joints in a roof —  is supposed to protect the valleys and protrusions like vents and the chimney to keep water from seeping into the structure. If the flashing is not applied properly, it can cause water to leak into your home, leading to major damage and deterioration.

Do you think you have any of these issues? We can give you a thorough assessment of the current condition of your roof. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can opt for either repair or a complete roof replacement. In any case, we offer superior services and products while paying extra attention to all the details making sure your installation goes smoothly. Stop worrying and give us a call today.

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